Hyperloop Train
About 100 years ago the idea of electrical discharge tubes presented by Nikola Tesla , people was expecting a quick term of movement in short decade but some unpredictable incident or maybe monopolism shifted this creativity to this era so we are going to pass ‘traditional’ infrastructure, like air, rail, cars and boats.
During last 50 years , Technological progress in rail transportation led this industry to High-Speed trains like Shanghai Maglev , Foxing EMU – China , TGV-France , Shinkansen-Japan , RENFE AVE-Spain , ICE-Germany , KTX -South Korea but parallel to this projects new innovations by genius Elon Musk created impressive high-speed transportation as Hyperloop one by Tesla and Space X group in 2013.
Hyperloop train move in enclosure reduced pressure pipe with about 3 meters diameter to provide semi-vacuumed sealed track with above one Mach travel acceleration and close to speed of sound by using “W” shape magnetic levitation along the track in safe and comfortable ride.

Based on latest actual projects under Virgin Hyperloop as the only one has constructed full-scale test track and completed hundreds of test runs in some states of USA , it seems Hyperloop Train is going to serve public transportation in India and UAE before 2026 and plan to showcase its prototype on the US Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai.
The India project will cut down the travel time between Mumbai and Pune to about half hour, and Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes. The Indian state has approved infrastructure project status for the $10 billion Hyperloop that aims to become Revolution in Transportation.
According to fact sheet by Elon Musk , move people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 35 minutes is possible and believes these projects will generate hundreds thousands of new high tech jobs, create over $36 billion in wider socio-economic benefits, raise tourism , drop traveling cost and time and create new Hyperloop component and manufacturing opportunities to develop in more potential countries in the world.
Based on estimator by Virgin we can find travel time between all cities in world , for example between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore shall be 27 minutes which is much faster than Car, Air or existing Trains.