Rolling Stock

ASIA RAIL provides wide range supply to railway operators for Bogie , truck parts and most of undergear items based on long term technical knowledge , engineering skills and fully informed about product categories in railway industries.
In this direction , we divided these parts and equipment in two main categories:

We focus on sourcing and supplying quality fabricated products through manufacturers in Malaysia, neighboring Asian countries and in Europe based on detail survey about quality manufacturing with our drawings and technical sheets.
We offer solutions and products in the following sectors with Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Aluminum and other specified material and test report:

– Any kind of Forging , Casting and Injection parts
Like Wheels and Tyres, Pullies , Hinged Cover & Flanges, Housing

– Any kind of Machining parts with fine hardening and plating
Like Axle and Shafts , Special Bolts and Nuts ,

– Rubber & Plastic moulding , Injection and Additive manufacturing or 3D printing
Like Elastomer Pad , Roller and Spacer, Flexible Joints , Buffer


ASIA RAIL is exclusive agent of some well-known European and Chinese manufacturers under UIC certified products with long time experience in railway industries and mostly with big shares in this specified market.

We are ready to cover your diverse requirements in Braking systems, Shock Absorbers, Bogie Assembly besides to provide strong support on other standard mechanical and control parts like:
– Composite Brake Block for Freight Wagons & Locomotives
– Composite Disc Brake Pad for LRT & MRT and passenger coaches
– Sintered Brake for high speed train
– Central Pivot Liner and Side Bearer Liners for Freight Bogies
– Composite Suspension Bushes and non-metallic wear parts
– Bogie Fiber Reinforced Thermostat Composite parts
-Vertical, Horizontal and Yaw Dampers with 1.5 million KM.
– Wheels, Axles, Tyres and Wheelsets
– Solenoid Valves, Relay plus Pneumatic & Hydraulic parts
+ Your extra need about Parts & Equipment