ASIA RAIL is a Specialist Technical Supplier for railway industries with long term experience with European standards for equipment and project handling management and equipped to latest knowledge and excellent records of related global branded companies.
You can find our name besides all well-known worldwide companies in RAILWAY DIRECTORY ( that shows our reputation with full customer care policy.

We believe Railway Operators and their maintenance department always are seeking to improve their system with most sufficient technology to increase efficiency and working quality besides feasible prices to drop their operation cost.
For this purpose, we get your inquiry and suggest long life components to successfully replace your old or maybe expensive or obsolete parts with reliable products.
So just need to ask for our proposal, we do our best to cover your high value requirement and make long term business cooperation.
Asia Rail First Technology Sdn Bhd is laying greater emphasis on improvement, innovation and effective execution of its offerings. We are constantly evolving and offering new products including solutions offered by additive manufacturing (3D printing) to suit market demands. We are closely monitoring the quality of our products and re-gearing our strategies which are both customer and market focused.
Recently Dutch railway system implemented 20 train parts with help of 3D printing and the first trains featuring these parts are already on the operation. This technology fabricated parts so quick with high quality. On this purpose we provide perspective and sides view drawings with material description to apply by 3D printers.
We believe the importance of local manufacturers to enhance territorial technology so If you are such a local manufacturer and are seeking to technically advance your existing products or would like to develop your product portfolios please send us your enquirer.